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Digby’s aspire for quality, character and excellence in all that they do. Digby’s is more than just a cafe, its a place where people meet to shop, eat, do business, laugh and relax.

They supporting local farms, purchase all the seafood through quality purveyor and work cooperatively with local fishermen and farmers.

All vegetables are either certified organic (by CORAA) or chemical-free, priority goes to local farmers.

We also use only filtered water for drinking water and ice. The bakery bakes all pastries, cakes and bread with passion and care using fresh quality ingredients.

Perfect over a cup of coffee or a pot of Gryphon Tea.

They support NGOs such as Friend’s International, PSE in recruiting and staffing their graduated students to train them further in their career in the kitchen as well as service staff.

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Mount Everest

Mount Everest is classic restaurant serving from 17 years. They serve Indian and nepalese halal, muglhlai and kashmiri cooking spicy on demand with large choice of curry and vegetarians dishes.

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Mok Mony

Located in the bustling area of Beung Keng Kang 1, minutes from the National Monument, Mok Mony Restauraunt at 63C, Street 294, specializes in authenthic Khmer & Asian cuisine. Whether dining in the open air section, or in the newly glass encased section, guest will feel like they are dining in a garden setting.

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Bistro Filipino (Previously Bistro Lorenzo)

Serving the best of the Philippine’s eclectic heritage foods in the heart of Phnom Penh’s expatriate community. Whether you are a Filipino seeking the comfort foods of your youth or anyone wanting an authentic taste of Filipino cuisine in a family friendly environment stop by for drinks, desserts or a full meal.