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Backyard Cafe

Healthy food with many vegan & gluten free options.
We also sell a range of wholefoods as well as monthly raw food and juice cleanses.

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Tous Les Jours Bakery

Tous les Jours is a Korean euro-style bakery that serves everything from the signature TLJ croissant, to healthy, rustic multi grain breads, to fancy cream cakes exquisitely decorated before your eyes. TLJ offers daily-baked breads, cakes and pastries and coffee from 7am to 9pm every day.

Tous les Jours is a big franchise chain in Indonesia, China, Vietnam, USA, Malaysia, Phillipines and of course Korea. There are more than 1800 Tous les Jours bakery cafes around the world.

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Botanic Cafe

Botanic café and art gallery opened with combination of café shop, foods and beverage. The Botanic cafe is located in center of Phnompenh nearby tourist attractive such as museum and Royal palace .The atmosphere is quiet and comfortable space of front side and backyard.

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Park Café

Park Cafe is a one of the Cafe & Restaurant in Cambodia, where you can find good coffee, affordable meals and most importantly a very comfortable place to sit down with your colleagues, to build a stronger relationship and better business.