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Sovanna Shopping Center

Sovanna Shopping Center opened in Phnom Penh 2008 five years after Sorya Shopping mall. The ground floor is dominated by jewelry stores and watch shops, and a Lucky Supermarket. The first floor dedicated to fashion, there are more than three dozen shops which sell the latest in men, women and children’s’ clothing and accessories. The second floor is home to shoes and bags. The third floor is about fun, entertainment, and electronics shops.

Moreover, there’s even a drawing room where children can paint. The arcade includes a jungle gym similar to those found at Pencil and Paragon. The fifth and top floor is largely empty, but it will occasionally be used as an exhibition space or conference hall.

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Sorya Shopping Center

Sorya Shopping Centre was the first Shopping Mall to open in Phnom Penh 2003 and caused a sensation among the locals when it opened as they had never seen escalators before. The Mall is still one of the most popular malls among the young Cambodians.

Sorya is located just one block south of Central Market on Street 63 and has five floors of shopping. The supply at Sorya does not differ that much from the supply at Central Market but it is indoor with air-condition.

Lucky Supermarket is placed on the ground floor of the mall, City Mart Sports Supply is on the 4th floor and the top floor is dedicated to entertainment including Sabay Cineplex.