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Preak Leap Argricultural college

Preak Leap Agricultural is located at Russsey Keo district, Phnom Penh. It has been published since 1950 but during the year of Pol Pot time it was closed. The college restarted in 1984. The school has 32 hector including another 8 hector more with the production farm and 24 hector of the experimental area. And more further than that the school also has 300 hector at Tpong district, Kampong Spue province.



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Norton University (New Building)

Norton University is a private university in Cambodia registered with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. It was established in 1996. The University was one of the first private Cambodian educational institutions.

In 2006, Tom Chandler, a 3-D modeling specialist from Monash University in Melbourne was invited to Norton as a senior visiting fellow. The aim of the fellowship was to introduce architecture and science students to specialized animation and modeling techniques and allow them to learn to digitally render their own heritage using 3-D techniques. Norton University has a campus in Phnom Penh and the current Rector (2008) is Chan Sok Khieng.

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Human Resources University (HRU)

Human Resources University is one of the biggest Universities in Cambodia. Human Resources University (HRU) offers its educational training programs for associate degree, Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in five faculties: the faculty of arts, humanity and languages, the faculty of business administration and tourism, the faculty of social science and economics, the faculty of law and political science, and the faculty of science and technology.

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Build Bright University

Build Bright University is one of the few largest and leading private universities in Cambodia with its eight Study Center nationwide – one in Phnom Penh and others Siem Reap, Sihanouk Ville, Ratanakiri, Battambang, Takeo, Banteay Meanchey and Strung Treng provnices.

BBU is enhancing the Cambodian pospulation to reach the path of excellence of the bright future by providing valuable education with its pool of qualified human resources together with the modern equipment and facilities.

The university offers different levels of education ranging from Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees as well as vocational training programs with varieties of specializations. The university continues to build its capacity and it intends to open new faculties or branches or specialties in the future.

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Cambodian Mekong University

Cambodian Mekong University was established to accommodate the needs of its students in preparation for their successful future career. They take special pride in giving assurance in providing quality education using international standards.

The university has a library with discussion rooms, computer laboratories, a student lounge, spacious parking lot, recreational center, comfortable classrooms equipped with the up to date facilities like computers and LCD projectors, equipped with an Internet facility, where you can access the web while you are at our canteen or anywhere in the campus for your enjoyment, learning and socialization.


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Institute of Foreign Languages

Institute of Foreign Languages is apart of Royal University of Phnom Pen is located at street 110 (Confederation de la Russies) Teuk Laak 1.  They are provide scholarship for outstanding student who pass exam.They focus only languages: English, Japaneses, Korean, French and also Chinese.

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Royal University of Phnom Penh

The Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) is Cambodia’s oldest and largest university. It hosts more than 12000 scholarship and full-fee paying students, across a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.It is unique in Cambodia for offering specialist degrees in fields including the sciences, humanities and social sciences, as well as vocational courses in fields such as information technology, electronics, psychology and tourism.

RUPP also provides Cambodia’s foremost degree-level language programs through the Institute of Foreign Languages. Due to its many achievements, RUPP is the first university in Cambodia with full membership of the ASEAN University Network (AUN).

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University of Cambodia

The University of Cambodia (UC), founded 23 June 2003, is located in Preah Norodom, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia. It is located just south of the Independence Monument, near the Philippines Embassy and the Cambodian Red Cross Health Centre.

Kao Kim Hourn, the university president, as well as Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Cambodia, founded the school after his return to Cambodia from the US. The school uses the American, credit-based system as a model and the programs are taught in the English language.

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Royal University of Fine Arts

Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh traces its origins back to the École des Arts Cambodgiens, established in Phnom Penh in 1918 under the directorship of George Groslier and originally incorporating faculties of traditional drawing, sculptural modelling, bronzecasting, silversmithing, furniture making and weaving. In 1965 this institution was merged with the National Theatre School to form the Royal University of Fine Arts.

Thereafter its programmes of study also embraced archaeology, architecture and urban planning and design, plus a range of new performing arts subjects including traditional Khmer and western music, Khmer classical dance, folkloric dance and theatre and modern drama. Prior to 1975 all of the University’s teaching took place on the original campus in the centre of the city. From 1975 to 1980 all teaching ceased and staff were evacuated to the countryside by the Khmer Rouge; many academics lost their lives in the devastation of this period.

The institution re-opened in 1980 as the School of Fine Arts. In the same year a second campus was established at the site of an old army barracks in the north of Phnom Penh to house the teaching of performing arts subjects. The teaching of circus arts was added to the curriculum in 1989. University status was restored in 1989, and the suffix ‘Royal’ was once more added in 1993 following the restoration of the monarchy.

The Royal University currently has five faculties – Archaeology, Architecture and Urbanism and Plastic Arts may be found at the original central campus behind the National Museum in Street 184, central Phnom Penh, whilst Choreographic Arts and Music are now based at the second campus in Russey Keo District, several kilometres from the city. The University’s Secondary School of Fine Arts is also based here. Current student enrolment stands at just over 1,600, with 357 teaching staff.

The Royal University of Fine Arts is a partner in the Mekong Art and Culture Project, a two-year collaborative project spanning six activities, four countries and eight art institutes across the Greater Mekong Subregion.

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National University of Management

The National University of Management (NUM) was founded in 1983 as the Economics Science Institute (ESI), and until 1991 received assistance from the National Economics University in Hanoi, Vietnam. During this period, students were enrolled in a five-year undergraduate program with the Vietnamese language serving as the main language of instruction. The curriculum, set by the visiting faculty from Hanoi, included major fields in Finance, Commerce, Agriculture, Industry, and Socialist Planning With the opening up of Cambodia to the international community during the early 1990s. The ESI was renamed the Faculty of Business (FOB). Initial support for the FOB was provided by the Asia Foundation and later through a three years USAID grant (1994 to 1997) by the Georgetown University and the University of Sanfrancisco.

This support provided teacher training, institutional development, and encouraged transformation of the curriculum along the lines of an international or American style business school. Marketing and Accounting majors were introduced during this period, and the length of the undergraduate program was reduced from five to four years of study. Commercial law course were also added to the curriculum by the University Of San Francisco Law School.

This support provided teacher training, institutional development, and encouraged transformation of the curriculum along the lines of an international or American style business school. Marketing and Accounting majors were introduced during this period, and the length of the undergraduate program was reduced from five to four years of study. Commercial law course were also added to the curriculum by the University of San Francisco Law School.

In 2004, the FOB was transformed into the National University of Management (NIM) and program offerings were expanded to include the fields of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Finance & Banking and MIS. NUM also opened the first MBA program in Cambodia in cooperation with the University Utara Malaysia (UUM), which is s State sponsored university located in Northern Malaysia. NUM also maintains a five year faculty exchange and research program with the University of Antwerp. Belgium and has just recently opened a Center for Entrepreneurship and Development in partnership with Fisk University (Nashville,U.S) and Tennessee State University, sponsored by UNCF/USAID.

Currently, more than 10,000 students attend courses at NUM’s main campus in Phnom Penh. NUM also operates a full Bachelor of Business Administration degree program in Battambang with more than 700 students attending courses at NUM’s provincial campus.