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Craft Peace Cafe (Shop)

In the entrance of the Café they have a shop area where they sell handcrafted products that are made in their workshop (Banteay Prieb) by artisans with physical challenges. The offer handcrafted sculptures with traditional Cambodian and religious designs, and handcrafted bags, wallets, necklaces and other intricate items made of beautiful fabrics. They also accept orders for customized wooden furniture and steel playground equipment.  All the furniture is their shop is designed and fabricated in their own carpentry and welding workshops.

Behind the Shop area you will find the Café, that is a cozy and inviting café with uniquely designed furniture and pleasant music that creates a peaceful atmosphere. The café is fully air-conditioned and offers free wireless internet connection. They offer coffee from the local region, fresh tropical fruit juices, smoothies, pocket-shaped sandwiches with local ingredients, salads, brownies and croissants.

The Shop and the Café is located opposite Boeung Keng Kang High School just a 100 meter from Boeung Keng Kang Market.

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