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Happy Valentine's Day Phnom Penh

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love but it is not just a day for lovers. Valentine’s Day is a day where friends and family can show how much they care for each other. With love being such a good reason to celebrate, why not surprise friends, family, or partner with something special.

For all chocolate lovers a box of chocolate is a must on Valentine’s Day and one of the best places to find quality chocolate in Phnom Penh is at Chocolate Shop on Street 240. They have a great variety of valentine’s boxes starting from 2 USD.

Or why not say “I love you” with a cupcake Bloom Café? Their cupcakes both look gorgeous and taste delicious and will definitely set the mood of love! You will find Bloom Café on Street 222 and their cupcakes cost 1, 5 USD per piece.


Roses are one of the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers, and are easy to find at any of the bigger markets around Phnom Penh, like Central Market, Oressey Market or Olympic Market.  Remember that different color on the rose symbolize different feelings; yellow is said to symbolize friendship, red to symbolize passion, and white – true love.

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