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Kundalini Yoga Cambodia

Yoga helps people to improve and maintain their physical and mental health and balance. There are many varieties of yoga, and yoga -related exercise and relaxation, on offer in fitness centers and yoga studios.

The focus of Kundalini Yoga is on loosening muscle areas and opening energy channels to develop flexibility and balance.It also helps to overcome stress and blockages, and to raise our awareness.

Kundalini Yoga exercises do not depend so much on physical strength and fitness, but emphasis fluent and repetitive movement, synchronized with the breath, and concentration.


Kundalini Yoga exercises strengthen the glands, organs, body parts, as well as the nervous system. Exercises clean the subtle energy channels so that energy fields. The exercise and meditations help to increase flexibility and to calm the mind.

Breathing, exercise and meditation can also help to release stress and old pain from the psyche. Practicing these technique balances body, mind and soul. One feels connected with one’s inner creative energy( theKundalini energy), and with the energy in one’s surroundings. Practicing yoga helps to live a creative, happy and fulfilling life.


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