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Panha Chiet University

Panha Chiet originally means in Cambodian language, “Nation of Intelligence”, to educate people to be wise. Having been travelling through many-decade wars to full peace, Cambodia reaches its hands to every corner of the world. The interrelation between a single nation and globalization practically makes the world shrink. The needs of Cambodia necessarily impact global community in terms of cooperation and exchange. Our response to the needs of Cambodian people in reducing poverty is to provide quality education, sustain peace and order, and develop human resources.

These days, there are global issues confronting as concerning environment, natural resources, population, and poverty that require solutions which can only be realized through mutual dependence or international alliance. With this, we believe that through education we can surpass all these global challenges. PCU is establishing a strategic roadmap for the first ten years to gain the educational standard nationally and internationally.

The inherent mission of Panha Chiet University is to present our findings and solutions as part of a broad contribution to society as a whole. PCU also broadly recognizes the needs of facilitating the global interchange of knowledge and formation of an international human network, all while engaging in competition amongst world-class universities.

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