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Raffles Le Royal Hotel

Raffles Hotel Le Royal is one of the most exclusive hotels in Phnom Penh located in the north of the city only 5 minutes walk from Wat Phnom.  A stay at Raffles is not only a travel in style it is also a travel in time, Raffles takes you back to the glory days of Phnom Penh.

Raffles Hotel Le Royal is the premier hotel in Phnom Penh, a hotel with rare attributes of history and style. It was first established in 1929, and in its early days, had a diverse international clientele comprising of backpackers, writers, journalists and distinguished royalty.

After undergoing a meticulous restoration and refurbishment programme by Raffles International, this grand historic hotel now fulfills all the requirements of a modern world-class hotel, yet exudes an old-world charm through its distinctive style with an elegant yet comfortable, classic yet casual feel.