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Tonle Bassac Restaurant

Tonle Bassac is a buffet restaurant close to Parkway Center.  They serve Khmer, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and European lunch and dinner. They have grilled sea food, sushi and Sashimi, BBQ and more. You can also rent a comfortable private room for holiday parties, company parties, conference or workshops.

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Tepui is a restaurant and bar/lounge located inside the Chinese House on the north end of Riverside not far from Phnom Penh Harbor. They offer a cuisine influenced by the Mediterranean & South America, with Asian accents. They also serve Asian influenced cocktails and wine, beer, and whisky.

The Chinese House is a beautiful old building built in 1903, an original combination of Chinese architecture and French colonial style.

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Ocean is a Mediterranean bistro with a charming and fresh tesseral, in a spacious inside. They offer a tablecloth and wine glass atmosphere suitable to family, business or friends with lots of seafood selections amongst the antipastos, pastas and seafood mains such as Tuna Steak and Fillet of Red Snapper, as well as good beef steaks and lamb.

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Gasolina is a restaurant and bar in a large lush garden, lit by torches and candles at night. They serve the grilled meats, (chicken, merguez, chipolata, saussage, beef filet from Austalia, as well as fish) with side dishes such as french fried, mashed potatoes, rice, fried vegetables.  In addition they serve Khmer specialties (amok and loc-lac) with a wide rang of drinks, cocktails and Belgian beers.

They also have a fitness room, gym and space to rent for private parties, lectures, exhibitions, etc, as well as a billiard table in the garden.

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Touk Restaurant & Bar

Touk  Restaurant & Bar is a riverside bar serving a full array of Western and Asian dishes such as burgers and imported steaks, pizza, pastas, salads, seafood and several local dishes as well. They have a full bar offering draft beer, cocktails and spirits. They have patio seating for watching of the riverfront scene, as well as a pool table.
Happy hour is from 4:30PM – 7:30PM.