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The Royal Ploughing Day in Cambodia – 9th of May 2012

The Royal Ploughing Day is an ancient royal rite to welcome the beginning of the growing season and determining the destiny of the harvest this year.

The ceremony takes place in the park in front of National Museum in the morning time and is led by the King or another high official and two sacred oxes. First the oxes plough a furrow of the park then they are led to seven trays containing rice, corn, beans, sesame, grass, water and alcohol. Depending on what the oxes choose to eat the chief astrologer will determine the fate of the harvest this year.

The Cambodians has a deep connection with the earth and farming, and a strong astrological belief and thousands of people will gather around the park to watch the sacred oxes and the royal astrologers.

This royal ceremony is celebrated to give blessings to the farming and to pray for a sufficient rainfall, which is essential to spurring the agricultural sector. The Royal Ploughing Day takes place every year in the beginning of May when the farmers start preparing their agricultural activities such as ploughing fields and sowing seeds.

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